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ISO 9001 : 2008 QMS
ISO 27001 : 2005 ISMS
ISO 20000 : 2005 ITSM
Six Sigma
ISO 14001: 2004
ISO/TS 16949
ISO 13485 :2003
ISO 17025 : NABL
OHSAS 18001
CE Marking

ISO 20000 : ISO/IEC 20000-

Integrates the process based approach of ISO's management system standard

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ISO 27000 : ISO/IEC 27001-

2005, Information Technology Security Techniques Information Security

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ISO 26000 -
26000 standard giving guidance on social responsibility has taken a significant step forward with

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Benefits of ISO 9001:2000


The existence of an organization without customers, or with dissatisfied customers, is not possible. To get customers and to keep them satisfied- your product or service needs to meet their requirements. ISO 9001:2008 provide a tried and tested framework for taking a systematic approach to managing your Business activities.

The ISO 9001 standards give organizations an opportunity to increase value to their activities and to improve their performance continually, by focusing on their major processes. The standards place great emphasis on making quality management systems closer to the processes of organizations and on continual improvement. As a result, they direct users to the achievement of business results, including the satisfaction of customers and other interested parties.

Advantages of implementing ISO 9001:2008 certification:

  • When systems are implemented properly, organizations profitability increases by 10-25%.

  • Reduced wastage/ rejections.

  • Cost savings due to reduced time and effort.

  • Professional Image.

  • Increased customer confidence.

  • Makes organization systematic and reduces dependence on individuals.

  • Better chances of getting national/International orders through tenders.

  • Clarity of responding and authority.

  • Better and defined system.

  • Consistent quality of products/services.

  • Consistent quality

  • Passport for International market.

  • More profitability.

  • Lesser defects.

  • Enhance Customer satisfaction and quality reputation of the organization.

  • Help to identify best practice and ensure everyone in the organization is moving in the right direction.

  • Reduce costs.

  • Continual improvement.

  • Edges over competitors who are not accredit.

  • Creates brand name of the organization.



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